Dog Has Major Fear Of Baths & Thinks Owner Does Too, Tries To Protect Them From Terrifying Tub

Everyone should dream of having a dog as wonderful as Clark. Why? Because he’s the ultimate dog. He’s sweet, he’s caring, he loves every living creature he comes across, and he’s extremely loyal.

His owner Rebecca, her fiancé, and a little green plastic toy are Clark’s absolute favorite things in life. He would do anything to keep these three precious things safe. He even brings his green toy everywhere he goes.

Clark loves freely and is a sweetheart to everyone. He rarely has a care in the world. Except when it comes to baths. He hates baths. Clark hates bathtubs a lot. That’s right, it’s the tub, specifically.

The family moved into a new home with a tub and Clark just wasn’t having it one bit. At their previous house, the shower wasn’t a problem. But the bath? Not a chance. “The bathtub is the bane of his existence,” Rebecca told a fellow website.

Continue to the next page to see what happens when Rebecca or her fiancé try to step into the tub. It’s too hilarious!


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