”Aggressive” Dog Was Trapped In A Gate But She Calmed Down When Rescuers Touched Her

Dogs often display aggression when threatened or in pain. It can be hard to lend a helping hand when they need it because of their natural instincts to protect themselves. They don’t always know that we are trying to help.

That is exactly the case for this poor stray dog who got stuck in between gate bars in India. No one knows how she got stuck in the first place, but it doesn’t come as a surprise.

After all, the poor stray dog was so skinny that she could actually fit. But the problem is that she has to maneuver her body skillfully in order to come out to the other side.

Things did not go too well for the poor stray, and she just got stuck there–writhing in pain. Passersby tried to help her, but they were afraid that she would bite.

One wrong move and she could’ve bitten somebody. Cases like this should be left to the professional so they called Animal Aid Unlimited for help!

The rescuers knew exactly what to do. First, they calmed the dog down, with one of the staff caressing the dog and skillfully conveying to her that they bring no harm.

When the dog warmed up to her rescuers, they were able to pull her up and push her buttock towards the gate so she comes out on the other side with the least amount of pain possible. Go to the next page for more.


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