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Neglectful Owner Calls Animal Control To Clean Up Her ”Dead” Dog

Animal control received a call about a ”dead” dog. However, they were in for a surprise when they arrived at the scene. You see, not only was the dog NOT dead, she also recently gave birth. As it turns out, the owner was neglectful. She didn’t take care of her dog and the pups. Mama […]

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Precious Dog Born With Deformity Throws The Cutest Punches Ever

This precious dog may be born with deformity but that doesn’t stop him from duking it out Ali-style with his human buddy! “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” a motto this fighting Chihuahua holds firm to his heart. McFly “Ali” is the toughest, meanest and cutest little dog you’ll ever meet. He’s not only […]

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cute puppies talk

Cute Puppies Engage In The Most Adorable Conversation Ever!

What’s cuter than two puppies? Well, two cute puppies engaging in a conversation, of course! An adorable puppy, a mixed Shiba Inu, suddenly goes hog wild when he flies past a handsome Husky. Why not, right? Like a couple of old hens discussing neighborhood gossip, this pair of cute puppies talk up a storm in […]

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Impatient Dog Refuses To Wait For Cat To Be Done With Toy!

Sharing toys has always been a pain the rear. The impatient dog, however, doesn’t enjoy it. But, they aren’t the only pet that is seriously beholden with greedy claws to their playthings. If dog are greedy when it come to toys, then cats are perpetual misers when it comes to their things. Meet Oliver the […]

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