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VA Denies Efficacy Of PTSD Therapy Dogs! Let’s Convince Them.

Let’s demand that the VA acknowledges the efficacy of PTSD therapy dogs and cover costs of therapy dogs for PTSD afflicted veterans with psychiatric condition. It’s about time. In 2014, the VA announced an unprecedented aid for Veterans and active servicemen. The U.S Veteran Service Program was on paper a rousing success for all those […]

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Siberian Husky temper tantrum

Cute Husky Throws Temper Tantrum Because He Wants To Bathe

A cute husky throws a huge tantrum when mum refused to turn on the faucet and draw him a bath. Bathtub Dogs are always worth a laugh or two. Specially if said dog is one hell of a drama queen. Some puppies hate to get wet, while others simply adore it. Dogs, those adorable pets […]

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Cute Dog Adorably DEMANDS His Human To Pet Him All Day!

We’ve seen thousands of cute dog videos. Hundred of thousands of dogs who stars in their own little skits. Scores of absolute adorable dogs being the protagonist of their own prime time sketch… Yet, despite all those hours, we’ve never seen anything like this. This cute dog’s name is Nora. Nora, is a charming and […]

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Happy Dog Can’t Stop Smiling While Riding A Swing Set

This Shiba is one happy dog. You can practically see it oh his face. The sheer amount amount of joy this puppy is experiencing. This happy dog has been given the opportunity to play, and run. This happy dog loves nothing more than to pass the day away playing and simply being happy. In the […]

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Golden Retriever With Backward Legs Receives Unconditional Love

Golden Retriever With Backward Legs Receives Unconditional Love

Rexi The Golden Retriever had reached her sixth week of life on this planet when her parents noticed something rather peculiar about her. Rexi’s legs, it seems, were growing backwards. Unlike the rest of her litter, Rexi’s genetic hiccup had made her unique. Most people won’t find her peculiarity particularly appealing. Refusing to surrender Rexi, her […]

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Therapy Dog Helps Autistic Child Fight His Nightmares

A therapy dog has become the saving grace of a three-year-old autistic boy suffering from chronic nightmares. The incredible therapy dog wakes him up from his night terrors. Therapy dogs are an incredible help for people who suffer from all sorts of psychiatric maladies. They help all manner of disorders and syndromes. From Post Traumatic […]

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best friend dog

Do You Have A Best Friend? This Dog Definitely Know Who His Is!!

I think most kids growing up have a best friend. That person that is there for you and always by your side to take on the world. My best friend and me spent weekends at each other’s houses having sleepovers, playing with dolls and having tea parties. We knew everything about each other and we […]

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mom dog

Dog Mom Has Four Children And One Of Them’s A… Lion?!

From the bottom of my heart one of the most rewarding things in my life is being a mom to my children. My job is as a stay at home mom but I love them so much I wouldn’t even call it a job. Don’t get me wrong it is no easy task and at […]

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Bella The Boxer Is Told She Cannot Lie On New Couch – Her Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

Growing up we had a lab and she preferred to be outdoors. She would come inside sometimes but she would get too hot and always want to go out. The Boxer in this video is funny like that too. She loved to be outside in the cool air and we lived where the winters were […]

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Small Dog Proves That Short People Problems Are Very Real

This small dog is struggling to go one step up the stairs and it’s weirdly relatable. Also, it’s hilarious as hell. I’m short. My mom is the size of a dwarf and my grandmother drive a Matchbox car and has room for a second passenger. My family was gifted with the genome of imps, gremlin […]

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