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smart Beagle

Clever Beagle Shows Off Impressive Problem-Solving Skills To Fetch Bone

There’s no question that dogs can surprise us with their intelligence. They are such incredible creatures. The Beagle in the video you’re about to watch is definitely one of those dogs. Super smart! Sometimes I think humans can learn a thing or two from dogs. Their ability to love. Their ability to live in the […]

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Puppy And Mom Reunited And It’s The CUTEST Thing You Will Ever WATCH!

I grew up with all my cousins and aunts and uncles just down the street. My brother and parents and I went on all kinds of family trips all over the state. This puppy and mom seem to be just as close and are the cutest thing! Part of this childhood was also a litter […]

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confused dog

Super Confused Dog Tries To Catch His Own Shadow And It’s HILARIOUS!

Dogs are born with a natural instinct to protect their pack and what’s theirs. They will give everything they have to make sure their family (canine and human alike) are safe from all those monsters in the world. But this confused dog thinks his own shadow is a monster! My dog will sound a 5 […]

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Hyper English Bulldog

Hyper English Bulldog Goes Completely Bonkers On His Bed!

Almost everyone has witnessed it – that out-of-the-blue moment when a dog completely loses their mind and starts going absolutely nuts for no apparent reason whatsoever. Yeah – this English Bulldog is one of those dogs. Even we – as humans – have had those moments. Maybe we get really pumped up and excited about […]

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confused dog

Confused Dog Can’t Figure Out Where The Whistling Is Coming From – Hilarious!

There are about 5 million reasons everyone should love dogs. They are sweet and loyal and will be your best friend without judgment. But there’s a very confused dog in this video that will have you cracking up! One of the reasons and probably my most favorite is how curious they are. Every time i […]

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stella the samoyed

Hilarious Samoyed Can’t Contain Herself Around Squeaky Toy!

One of the great things about dogs is their huge personalities. Each one has their very own unique and quirky personality that makes them so easy to fall in love with. This gorgeous Samoyed has a very funny quirk that you just can’t not laugh at! These gorgeous dogs are easy to swoon over. Their […]

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Family Dog Dies After Protecting Baby From House Fire

A family dog named Polo will forever be remembered by this family as the hero who saved their 8-month-old baby’s life. Sadly, he didn’t make it. The Baltimore City Fire Department responded to a call for a house fire. A dangerous alarm with persons trapped; a dire situation where every minute was critical. Erika Poremski, stepped […]

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loyal dog

Loyal Dog Guards Dead Owner’s Coffin After Devastating Italy Earthquake

A loyal dog refuses to leave his dead owner’s side even after he passed from an earthquake that ravaged some parts of Italy. This proves that a dog’s loyalty extends beyond this lifetime. Italy’s latest earthquake has been a source of daily horrors for the international community. A smorgasbord of tragic tales and grief painted […]

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Funny Little Dog

Funny Little Dog Refuses To Let Owner Leave For Vacation

You’ve worked hard all year – earning those coveted vacation and holiday hours. It’s time to go relax on a beach somewhere with a cocktail in hand. There’s just one problem for the person in this video – their little dog refuses to let him go. Don’t you wish you could take your fur baby […]

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pet dog

Judge Sends Woman To Landfill After Caught Abusing Pet Dog

A pet dog who was abused by his owner gets the last laugh when a judge decided to get creative. He wanted the woman to get a taste of the pain and suffering her pet dog had for the week that she abandoned him! Judge Cicconetti of Painesville, Ohio, is not a man you want to […]

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