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sweet puppy ice cream

Sweet Puppy Discovers That Ice Cream Is The Perfect Way To Stay Cool In Summer

Umm, Ice-cream… There is nothing in the world more delicious and pleasurable than an Ice-cream. And what’s a better way to enjoy ice cream than to share the moment with your sweet puppy? It really doesn’t matter what the temperature, time or date. There is always an excuse, no matter how flimsy, for a yummy Ice-Cream. Even […]

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Cute Corgi Mermaid

Cute Corgi Models Hilarious Mermaid Costume On The Beach

It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere so it’s time to head to the beach to beat the heat! Relaxing in the sun near the cool water is the ultimate summer day. This cute Corgi shows us her hilarious costume while chilling out on the sand. I don’t know about you but when I was […]

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spaniel grandpa john

Grandpa Couldn’t Stop Crying When His Family Gave Him A Senior Spaniel

The death of his beloved English Springer Spaniel, Swift, had left Grandpa John marooned in an ocean of grief. He was at his wit’s end by the time his 21-year-old granddaughter, Jodie, came over for a visit. This 82-year-old senior was absolutely inconsolable. He couldn’t believe his beloved Spaniel is gone. Swift kicked the can while John and […]

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tiny puppy

Tiny Puppy Attempts To Climb Pillow But Fails Adorably!

Being small is tough. You can’t quite reach things that are taller than you. Jumping up on couches can be a battle. And this tiny puppy is having a seriously difficult time just trying to climb on top of a pillow! We’ve seen tiny dogs struggle with the simplest of tasks. There’s countless videos out […]

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Dog Shares Toy With Baby And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!

There are just about a billion reasons to be a lover of dogs. They’re loyal, giving, best friends, companions and the list goes on. And when you mix a baby AND a dog together? The cuteness is out of control. Dogs are very sensitive and can tell how their human is doing just through observation. […]

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You Have To WATCH One Dog Try To Play Like A Regular Kid!

Getting a new puppy could quite possibly one of the best, most fun things in the entire world. They are just so cute and snuggly and teeny tiny! And sometimes they try and act just like a regular human kid! Like a new baby a new puppy is so fun because everything to them is […]

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chained dog 3

Local Heroes Break Law In Order To Save A Chained Dog

It’s time for another rescue story. A chained dog riddled by a tough life, without a name, and without any hope slowly but surely made heroes out of his neighbors. He had been chained, muzzled and tethered tight to an abandoned house. For no other reason than being a dog, this kind animal had been […]

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Silly best friend

Dog Has New Best Friend And You Won’t Believe Who It Is!

As a kid we had all different kinds of pets over the years in our household. My mom worked for a vet and so sometimes her heart would melt and she would bring home the strays. I had 3 adorable hamsters, a rabbit, some fish and when I was older a really cute little cat. […]

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Best Friend Puppies

Puppy Lets Mom Know EXACTLY Who His Best Friend Is!

Even though dogs can’t talk – they can definitely still communicate. And they can also form strong friendships with other animals just like humans do with other humans! This puppy knows exactly who his best friend is! Best friends are our true soul mates. They get into trouble with us. They laugh the hardest with […]

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bad dogs

Can Dogs Drive? No They Can’t. These Bad Dogs Crashed Into Walmart!

In the region of Wayne, West Virginia, a pair of bad dogs were the main protagonists of a rather unfortunate yet highly entertaining episode. In the parking lot of a Walmart Megastore, an elderly woman decided to leave her two dogs inside her car while she made a shopping excursion. She hopped out of her […]

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