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smart dog

Smart Dog Proves It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before They Take Over The World!

I still laugh because my dad used to say if aliens came to take over the planet they would think dogs are the leaders. He was making fun of how human-like we treat our dogs. The smart dog in this video might prove my dad right! I of course rolled my eyes because even he […]

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watch what happens

WATCH What Happens When One Dog Doesn’t Want To Wait Any Longer!

Have you ever been sitting on your couch just enjoying your day and your dogs looks at you and gives you a big sigh? They just can’t stand to wait any longer. You have to watch what happens in this next video! Whenever we are going to go somewhere we have a rule in our […]

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canine friends 1

Canine Friends Take Selfie, But Look Who’s Holding Camera!

A group of canine friends are making rounds on Instagram for their amazing selfie, but it’s who is holding the camera that makes the photos extra amazing! You have to see this! The selfie game has us all trapped since Ellen pulled off that classic at the Oscars, and it has just acquired a new […]

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dog and cat

WATCH This Dog And Cat Team Up Over A Common Enemy!!!

Everyone knows that a dog and cat are supposed to be mortal enemies. Who knows how this started or why everyone knows it but even my 3 year old niece says so. I remember watching cartoons or reading books and basically any time a dog and cat were together they were fighting. It’s the same […]

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Cute Dogs Play in Leaves

Super Cute Dogs Go CRAZY In A Pile Of Leaves!

Fall is one of the best seasons. The colors all around us turn to beautiful shades of red and orange. The smell in the air is uniquely autumn. And freshly fallen leaves make the ultimate play place! These cute dogs couldn’t agree more. Fall is a special season. The air gets a bit cooler and […]

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Senior Dog Refuses To Part With His Adorable BFF! CUTE!

Senior Dog Refuses To Part With His Adorable BFF! CUTE!

Oh dear God, that’s it! Close the press, we’ve just discovered this week’s cutest duo: a senior dog who refuses to part with his guinea pig best friend. Meet Rex, a senior dog, a Boxer for those keeping track with the races, and his best friend and life companion Smores. Now, here’s the hitch: Rex […]

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cute dog digging

Cute Dog Starts Digging A Hole – The Reason? It’s NOT What You Think!

Dogs are clever and intelligent creatures. There’s no doubt about that. They come up with creative ways to accomplish tasks – always amazing us. And this cute dog is definitely no exception to this – she is very clever. Dogs are also known to dig holes. Sometimes they dig so much that they ruin our […]

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One Pup Is Very Brave To Try To Steal A Bed From This Guy!!!

Growing up I had a more traditional type household, like my parents did and all the other kids I knew too. One part of this was all of our animals were outdoor pets. But what about this pup? A lot of people will think that means they were tied to a chain with a little […]

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viral photo

Death Row Dogs Hugging Each Other Goes Viral

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a dog without a loving and safe place to call home. Every dog deserves this. And these two dogs came far too close to being put down- they might not have ever known that safe and loving feeling. Thank goodness for a viral photo. The two pups, named Kayla […]

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Dog Or Cat? You’ll Die Laughing When You SEE One Dog’s Imitation!

One of my dogs is a typical dog and he does not get along with or appreciate cats being in his area. This really includes most small non dog animals like rabbits, squirrels chipmunks too. My other dog however while still not being a fan of small critters does like cats. I know it’s hard […]

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