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Their Autistic Son Needed Help – So They Sent Him To Meet A Murderer In Jail

This family found hope where you least expect it. A family with an autistic son – so desperate to help their son – would try anything. So they turned to a prisoner. This prisoner is trying to make the most of his life – a second chance of sorts – by helping others. But first […]

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Woman Goes To Spread Beloved Dog’s Ashes – What She Sees Next Is Truly Amazing

It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not – this is something that is absolutely going to blow you away. A woman went to her dog’s favorite spot to play to spread his ashes and something incredible happened. You have to see what happened on the next page. A woman named Ashley in Chicago recently […]

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Puppy Who Couldn’t Walk Was Almost Euthanized – Until Someone Stepped In!

This puppy was born with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. This syndrome causes a deformity in which all 4 legs are sprawled out to the side. Most puppies with SPS are euthanized. But luckily, for this puppy – he was going to be given a chance at life! A wonderful organization called The Mia Foundation decided to […]

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Tiny Scared Dog Lived Near Toxic Waste Company – Until Angels Came!

Yet another amazing rescue story from the Hope For Paws organization. They found a small puppy living in a dirty trench near a biohazard waste disposal company. When they showed up – at first, the dog was excited and approached them but quickly changed his mind and ran off. The group could not get to […]

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