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What These Dogs Are Doing Is The Cutest Sad Thing You’ll See Today!

Is it possible for something to be so adorable yet so sad at the same time? If it involves a dog, nothing is impossible. Since it’s the 21st century, we have technologies that make us feel close to our loves ones even though we are not physically with them. Thanks to the internet and software […]

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You’ll Laugh Your Socks Off When You Find Out What This Awkward Puppy Got Himself Into!

Well, this sure is embarrassing. While owner is taking a bathroom break – of the “second” kind, his pup decided to go an adventure of his own. It’s no secret that dogs love underwear–whether they are bras, socks, panties and boxers. I think they especially like the ones you use to protect the privates right […]

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This Dog Has A Peculiar Talent And It’s So Mesmerizing!

If there’s one dog video you have to see today, this is it. It has already been established that dogs are smart with great sense of hearing and this video is here to prove just that. An incredibly handsome Golden Retriever jams with his owner and together they play music. While owner plays the guitar, […]

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Clothing Companies Are Crazy Over This Dog. You’re About To Find Out Why!

Bodhi, a pet dog has become an internet sensation as a paid model for designer men’s clothing lines! Bodhi’s owners David and Yena discovered their pet’s talent on one boring Saturday afternoon. Today, Bodhi has over 146,000 Instagram followers and various fashion designers are looking forward to sign him! Makes my followers look like nothing! […]

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Puppy Has Trouble Going Down The Stairs. Who’s Teaching Him–So Adorable!

Japan, a celebrity Golden Retriever who is known for his helping paw, already has thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram! There’s a good reason too – he’s pretty freakin’ amazing. This time Japan was seen assisting a puppy to navigate a flight of stairs. He starts off being firm and finally puts his paw […]

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This Dog’s Incredible Talent That Will Make You Fall Off Your Seat!

Say hello to Jaxson Rose! This German Shepherd is obviously adorable, but his hidden talent is what makes him REALLY special. Get ready to be blown away! Nothing gets Jaxson moving like a good hip-hop song and in this case, it’s Flo Rida’s hit song, “Low.” As soon as the song starts, his ears start dancing! His […]

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